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Meet The Team

Ask me about ultimate frisbee, or anything about ExCo!

Ask me about ultimate frisbee, or anything about ExCo!

Ask me about ultimate frisbee, or anything about ExCo!

Headshot Lily Hung.JPG

📣 Meet our First Year Representative, Lily Hung!

Lily is a 1st year Sauder student in the BUCS program. She loves to bake, eat different types of cuisines and watching Netflix shows. Lily is looking forward to broaden the perspectives of business students. 

Ask me about different Netflix shows!

Wesley Wong

External Conferences Chair - Wesley Wong_00_00.jpg

Ask me about ultimate frisbee, or anything about ExCo!

📣 Meet our chair, Wesley Wong!

Wesley is a 2nd year Sauder student, intending to specialize in Accounting. You can catch him ultimate frisbee during intramurals or with the UBC team. Wesley is excited to bring ExCo to new heights in the upcoming school year! Get ready for all the amazing initiatives and fun events he has planned with our team! 🎉🎉🎉




📣 Meet our External Director, David Ramos!

David is a 2nd year Sauder student specializing in GSCLM! You can always talk to David about anime and the Celtics. David is very excited about the opportunities that ExCo brings to the Sauder community!


Ask me about the Celtics, art history, and anime!

David Ramos

External Director

Lily Hung

First Year Representative

Lynn Vu

Ask me about mahjong!

📣 Meet our Marketing Associate, Lynn Vu!


Lynn is a 2nd year Sauder student intending on specializing in Marketing. She loves travelling, going to concerts and going to the beach with her friends. Lynn is excited to help provide the Sauder community with opportunities to learn without financial challenges. 

Ask me about music concerts!

Marketing Associate

Chuhan Zhang


📣 Meet our Finance Director, Chuhan Zhang!


Chuhan is a 3rd year finance student.

Chuhan is super excited to be part of ExCo and looking forward to help students with reimbursements for any external conferences they take part in!

Talk to me about travelling around the world!

Finance Director

Nathan Lee


Talk to me about the NBA!

📣 Meet our Marketing Associate, Nathan Lee!


Nathan is a 2nd year Sauder student intending to enter the BUCS program. He loves going to concerts, fitness and all types of sports! Nathan is looking forward to helping students expand their learning experiences outside of Sauder this upcoming year. 

Marketing Associate

Marketing Director


Jenna Taylor

📣 Meet our First Year Rep, Jenna Taylor!

Taylor is a 1st year Sauder student. She loves doing anything to do with the ocean such as paddleboarding, swimming, or sailing. Some of her favourite food are tacos and Goldfish crackers. Being a first-year rep, Taylor wants to ensure that first-year students are aware of the services that ExCo offers and also learns from other


Una Chou

CUS Headshot Una.jpeg

Ask Una about golf and cooking!

📣 Meet our Logistics Director, Una Chou!

Una is a 2nd year Sauder student intending to specialize in Accounting and BTM. She enjoys trying out new recipes in her own time! Una can’t wait to inspire and encourage student enrichment with the team this year!

Logistics Director

Akkshita Guptaa

Ask me anything about my favourite Dim Sum place in Richmond!


Ask her about shopping 

📣Meet our Marketing Director, Akkshita Guptaa!

Akkshita is a 2nd year Sauder student intending to specialize in Marketing. She enjoys travelling and shopping. Akkshita is excited to spread the word about Exco's reimbursement opportunties. 

Marketing Director

First Year Rep

Mishri Shah-Headshot.PNG

Mishri Shah

📣 Meet our Finance Director, Mishri Shah!


Mishri is a 3rd year Sauder student specializing in Finance. One of her passions is being able to make Sauder students's learning experience better. By that she means helping them participate in new and meaningful conferences without financial barriers to create unforgettable memories and experiences. 

Michelle Chia


AskMichelle Chia about baking 

📣 Meet our Finance Associate, Michelle Chia!

Michelle is a 2nd year Sauder student intending to specialize in Accounting or Finance. She enjoys baking, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends. She can’t wait to create an inclusive environment where everyone is open to talking and cooperating!

Finance Associate

Kefei Li


Ask her about 
best noodle places!

📣Meet our Finance Associate, Kefei Li!

Kefie li is a 3rd year Sauder student specializing in Accounting. She likes anime and has a large collection of anime merchandise. Kefei is excited to promote widely the influence of Sauder students by encouraging more students to participate in external communications. She is also looking forward to working with talented ExCo team members!

Finance Associate

Finance Director

Marketing Director

Marketing Associate

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