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Meet The Team


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Celine is a 4th year Sauder student, specializing in OPLOG and IntB, with a concentration in Business Analytics. It's not on purpose, but her icebreaker questions are always about food... Send all your questions her way; she loves to chat about anything ExCo!


Ask me about paddling, or anything about ExCo!


Shri is a 1st year Sauder student, intending to specialize in Finance. He can speak 5 different languages and is a huge fan of Frank Ocean! Shri is looking forward to working with the ExCo team and learning from their experiences.

Ask me about my favourite Frank Ocean songs!

First-Year Representative



Victoria is a 4th year accounting and sustainability student at Sauder. In her free time, she likes to bake and hangout with her dog, Misa. As Finance Director, Victoria is excited to manage applications and help make every conference easily accessible and memorable!

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Ask me about my favourite sport to play!

Ben is a 2nd Sauder student, intending to specialize in Accounting and/or Finance! You can also find him playing volleyball in his spare time. During his time with ExCo in the upcoming year, Ben is excited to see the conferences and events that 2022 has in store!

Finance Director

Finance Associate


Kaitlyn is a 2nd year Sauder student, intending to specialize in Accounting. She enjoys baking egg tarts in her free time! Kaitlyn is looking forward to being more involved in the Sauder community through ExCo and helping people pursue opportunities to find their interests by being part of the finance team. 

Ask me about Korean Dramas!

Finance Director


Misheel is a 3rd year Sauder student, majoring in Accounting and BTM. She really hopes to go on a tour around Europe someday with at least 7 countries! Misheel is thrilled to be working as the Logistics Director for this year's ExCo team!

Ask me about volleyball!

Logistics Director


Dylan is a 3rd year Sauder student, majoring in BTM. He enjoys playing his guitar and learning new songs in his free time. Dylan is very excited to be a member of the ExCo team and to be more active in the Sauder community!

Ask me anything about guitars!

External Director


Ask me about my current favourite TV shows!

Alice is a 4th year Sauder student, with a specialization in Marketing and concentration in Business Analytics. In her free time, she enjoys browsing through Netflix and adding to her watch list, but never ends up watching them. She is super excited to work with the ExCo team this year!

Marketing Director


Grace is a 2nd year Sauder student, intending to specialize in Marketing or Accounting. She loves to find fashion inspiration on Pinterest and enjoys watching Modern family. Grace is excited to build a close-knit community and express her creativity through graphic design as ExCo's Marketing Director.

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Marketing Director


Ask me about all the countries I've visited!

Kash is a 2nd Business and Computer Science student joining the ExCo team as a Marketing Associate! She loves travelling and has visited over 20 countries. Kash is super excited to be a part of ExCo and to meet new people in the UBC community!

Marketing Associate