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Enactus Regional Exposition 2017

Nicholas Yee

The 2017 Enactus Regional Exposition was the first competition I have attended outside of Vancouver, and it was a unique learning experience that made me really appreciate how Enactus, an organization I have been a part of since my first year at Sauder, has impacted communities around the world. It was great networking with like-minded and impact-driven students from various universities from BC and Alberta, as well as industry professionals who were also Enactus alumni, to learn from each other. Through engaging in conversations about social change in a broader community, I was able to gain insights on the different community projects other schools are working on, which inspired me to bring back some interesting new project ideas that have the potential to become the next project for Enactus UBC.

As one of the presenters for Enactus UBC’s Spend It Right project in the Capital One Financial Education Challenge, not only did I gain public speaking and communication skills, but also an opportunity to represent UBC on the regional stage and share with others how Spend It Right is addressing issues that stem from a lack of financial literacy in our local community. Furthermore, the feedback from judges after the competition was a great resource for me to develop my presentation delivery for further case competitions and presentations in my undergraduate degree.

It is through my participation in the Enactus Regional Exposition that I have enhanced my love for the organization and its mission. Throughout the experience, I have witnessed the immense support that our team members had for each other, and the effort that went into perfecting those presentations. This experience has made me value the culture at Enactus UBC even more, and was what drove me to continue my involvement with Enactus for many years to come.


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