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APICS 2016 Supply Chain Conference

Daniel Piechnik

APICS 2016 was an incredible opportunity for me as a student in Supply Chain Management. The process began in June to be a Student Scholar. After submitting an application, APICS selects 45 students to designate as Student Scholars. This covered my conference fee and hotels, but not my flights.

As such, I relied on EXCO to fund my flights. After arriving in Washington DC, I went to the hotel. Throughout the 3 days, I experienced a program that catered to the needs of supply chain students. For example, received a mentor who is the president of the local APICS chapter. I attended various events on topics like sustainable packaging, creating a supply chain resume, interview tips, and demand-driven sales and operations planning to name a few.

As Student Scholars, we had to submit a poster about something we had done related to supply chain. Out of 45 students, my poster was selected as the best poster which was super exciting considering the calibre of the other students in my cohort. More than anything though, I enjoyed meeting people who shared a passion for supply chain management. Vancouver’s supply chain scene focuses on importing, exporting, logistics and shipping. However, APICS has a large emphasis on manufacturing. As such, it was interesting to see an emphasis on an aspect of the supply chain where I had limited experience.

In all, APICS 2016 provided a huge supplement to my school studies by connecting me to supply chain industry professionals, outlining options for future supply chain education, and providing presentations on cutting-edge supply chain ideas. I am extremely thankful to APICS and EXCO for this incredible opportunity!


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