APEX Biz-IT Global Case Challenge

Patricia Poon (BCom '17)

Throughout my time at Sauder, as a Finance and Business Technology major and case competition fanatic, I found that there were many case competitions catered towards Finance students (PVCC) or Strategy (JDC West, NSCC), however there were never large scale competitions for which I could apply my business technology acumen… Except for APEX, an international case competition in Singapore. I took the following away from my time at APEX: Working in a multi-discliplined team: Between myself, a transportation and logistics major, as well as a geological engineer, I gained experience in clear communication, setting expectations, and adding unique values and perspectives to a team. It is easy to say that the 3 of us helped and supported each other grow in a way that was unlike any business case competition I’ve participated in. Exposure to business landscape in SE Asia: Whether it was the SE Asia-centered business case itself, or interacting with numerous students from Indonesia, Thailand, China (and more!), or simply being immersed in the central business district of Singapore for 1 week, this experience certainly exposed me to the way business is done in Singapore and the rest of SE Asia, particularly mannerisms, culture, and macroeconomic trends.

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