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hEDGE Conference

Joe Ip (BCom’15) – hEDGE Conference 2013

Time: August 2013

Featured Speakers: CPP Investment Board, Scotia Global Banking & Markets, TD Asset Management, BMO Capital Markets


My name is Joe Ip and I was a third year finance student interested in a career in the capital markets. I attended the hEDGE Finance conference hosted by the University of Waterloo in August of 2013. I chose to attend this conference because it was the only finance conference available during the summer when I had no academic commitments.

This was by far one of the most memorable experience I have had at UBC. I was amazed at the city of Toronto and the abundance of banks on Bay Street; prior this trip, the last time I was in Toronto was in 2000 as a 7 year old. I came very close to winning the AIMCo- hEDGE Prize competition, placing 2nd amongst 97 delegates across Canada, representing UBC Sauder. The networking opportunities were phenomenal; regardless of how hard you try or how well connected you are in Vancouver, it is logistically impossible to meet the CEO of CPPIB, CEO of Scotiabank, CIO of TD, amongst many executives at networking events. These were just some of the reputable professionals I have networked with in Toronto.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that I had the opportunity to visit the HQs of various investment banks, including the trading floor of CIBC and TD. I also attended a seminar hosted by the BNN host Kim Parlee and networked with her at TD’s HQ. These are literally celebrities in the Canadian finance world and it would not have been possible had it not been for hEDGE.

Aside from the eye opening experience from the city, banks, to professionals I have been exposed to, I have kept in touch with my roommate, who was also an external delegate from the University of Alberta. Throughout the year, he has been helping me recruit by referring me to Albertan firms in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as sharing insights on the local employment aspects. I would recommend this conference to anyone in 3rd or 4th year interested in a career in the capital markets.

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