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Application & Policy

Ready to #ExploreWithExCo? Read up on our application process and policy!

ExCo's application process has three steps: Apply, Attend, Attach.


Apply for conditional acceptance via our application form. Make sure to look at the policy package before you start. For CUS affiliated conferences, please fill out the form here. You’ll need to provide your contact information, your resume, and an estimate of your expenses. Put some research and heart into it!

Once we've evaluated your application, you'll receive an email notifying you of whether you've been conditionally accepted or rejected. Conditionally accepted? Enjoy your conference and be careful not to go over your budget!


Attend your event and have fun with it! Don't skip out on conference sessions and make sure to be kind and respectful to other delegates. Take plenty of pictures and note down your best takeaways.


Be sure to save your pictures and your receipts; you'll need them in the next step!


Attach your proofs of purchase and attendance to our post-conference form. Make use of those notes you took and take some time to reflect on what you've learned!

You have 30 days after your conference to submit this form; the sooner the better (but we know it takes some time for your monthly bank statement to come out)!

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Check out our reimbursement percentage overview!

ExCo reimbursements don't suit your needs? Check out alternative funding sources, like the UGO Student Experience Grant.