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Frequently Asked Questions


What are listed conferences?

Listed conferences are simply conferences that have been listed on the ExCo website! These conferences are eligible for ExCo reimbursements. Have an unlisted conference that you want to attend? Submit your pre-conference application and provide conference website links and details in your statement of interest!

Do I have to book flights, book hotels, and register for conferences myself?

Yes! Students are responsible for registering for conferences and arranging flights and hotel stays.

Is XYZ conference eligible for an ExCo reimbursement?

Here are your steps to figuring out if your conference is eligible:

  1. Is it hosted or organized by UBC, AMS, CUS, or any other subsidiary organization of UBC? If yes, it is ineligible.
  2. Is it a listed conference? If yes, it is eligible.
  3. Is it an ineligble conference in the policy package? If yes, it is ineligible.
Still unsure? Reach out to us at externalconferences@cus.ca or use our contact form! Be sure to include a link to the conference's website and other relevant information.

Can I stay after the conference finishes?

Students may choose to extend their stay due to personal or business reasons, but ExCo does not reimburse extended stays. The number of accommodation nights covered are the lesser of total conference days + 1 night, or 5 nights.

What is the statement of interest?

As part of your pre-conference application, you will need to include a statement of interest.

This doesn't need to be long and eloquent; we want to know what your conference is, why you're interested in it, and how it's relevant or beneficial to your undergraduate experience!

Does everybody get approved for ExCo reimbursements?

It depends! As long as there's space in the budget and you're eligible according to our policy package, we'll try to reimburse as many valid receipts as we can.

Expenses and proof of payment

What if I lose a receipt?

Life happens! Explain the situation in the additional comments section of the post-conference form and provide as much detail as possible. Our team will help you figure out your options, but ExCo cannot guarantee any reimbursements that don't have appropriate proof of payment.

Can I share costs with a friend?

Yes; but ExCo will not accept e-transfers between students as proof of payment. If you are splitting accommodation or other costs with a friend, please request separate receipts that you can submit to ExCo individually!

Can ExCo make a payment for me?

ExCo is strictly a reimbursement service, meaning that students must incur costs and provide proof of payment in order to receive any funding from ExCo.

We understand that this isn't ideal for every student, so we recommend checking out the UGO's Student Experience Grants and other alternative funding.

Can my parent/guardian/friend pay for me?

Yes; but we prefer that only one person incurs all expenses! Splitting expenses may delay your reimbursement, as it takes more time to process these separately. The person whose name is on the proof of payment will receive the reimbursement (ie. if your parent pays for flights and you pay for all other expenses, we will file two separate reimbursements: one for your parent and one for yourself).

Why isn't local transportation covered?

Local transportation costs are typically inconsequential and harder to provide proof of payment for. This has caused many complications and delays in the past! We understand that local transportation may be a neccesity for some students. If you have needs, including local transportation, that aren't covered by ExCo's standard reimbursements, please include a request in the additional comments section of the pre-conference application.

Most questions can be answered in our policy package!

Still unsure? Contact us at externalconferences@cus.ca or use our contact form!