What is ExCo?

ExCo (External Conferences) is an organization that allows UBC Commerce Undergraduate students* the opportunity to attend conferences outside of Vancouver by reimbursing a portion of their expenses including airfare, delegate fees, accommodation expenses, and  transportation costs.** ExCo reimburses both Listed and Unlisted Conferences.


* You MUST be a Sauder student.
** Please see the Reimbursement Policy in "Policy".


Explore your passion by attending a conference but don’t forget to step outside to experience the city and culture.


Expand your perspective, gain industry insight, and pursue your interest.


Gain international connections through global events!


Participate in external conferences and ExCO can help alleviate the financial pain by subsidizing a portion of your expenses.

External Conferences is here to provide Sauder students with unique opportunities that will equip them with a wealth of new knowledge and connections, and above all, enrich their Sauder experience. ExCO allows students to attend business conferences based on their interest without heavy financial burdens holding them back. Each year, Sauder students have the opportunity to attend annually hosted conferences worldwide where they engage with industry professionals, experts, and like-minded students. With over 20 listed conferences and countless others that have yet to be discovered, the sky is the limit with ExCO.

By subsidizing conference and travel expenses, ExCO aims to send as many attendees as possible to help students not only grow and develop but also to pursue and explore their passions. To learn more about this service, check out our Application and FAQ pages, or contact any of the executives!