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2021-2022 Conferences

Check out ExCo's conference recommendations! This selection has been carefully curated to suit the strengths and wants of Sauder students.

You're not limited to these conferences;
if you've found a conference that suits you, do your research and reach out to the ExCo team to find out if it's eligible for an ExCo reimbursement.

Don't know what conference to attend?
Contact us
and let us know what you're interested in and we'll help match you to a conference!

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Grace Hopper

Hosted by, the Grace Hopper Celebration is the world's largest gathering of women technologists, and highlights the contributions of women to the tech industry. Presenters are leaders in their respective fields, and there would be activities and networking opporunities offered at the conference.

September 27th - October 1st


Harvard Intercollegiate Business Conference

The HIBC is the largest student-run business conference in the world for women. Professionals from a diverse range of industries and registrants from across the globe would be brought together to hear from keynote speakers, network with peers and professionals, and attend an exclusive career fair.

23th - 24th

Zero Waste Conference

Presented by Metro Vancouver and the National Zero Waste Council, the conference consists of local and global speakers who share their insights and inspirations regarding circular economy success stories and waste prevention innovations.


Association of Canadian Intercollegiate Clubs

The ACIIC brings together members of Canadian student investment clubs, and provides opportunities for networking, mentorship and career development. They host bi-annual conferences, which include networking sessions, educational presentations, a speaker series and a stock pitch competition.



Australian Undergraduate Business Case Competition

The AUBCC is an annual international consulting case competition, offering students across the globe the opportunity to propose innovative solutions to real business problems faced by Australian companies. Teams would participate in case analysis, work-shopping and presentation delivery.





QMAC is a marketing conference that connects students with the industry's top corporate partners and leaders, and consists of workshops, speakers, networking opportunities, case solving and an opportunity for students to socialize, connect and network.



John Molson

Undergraduate Case Competition

JMUCC is a week-long multi-round case competition that challenges teams of students from all over the world who study at renowned business schools. Teams would be solving live business cases and a presentation would be done to a panel of judges and industry specialists. The competition also provides students with multiple networking opportunities through activities and dinners.

February 28th - March 6th


Enactus Regionals

Enactus Regionals is a multi-day event that offers students the opportunity to hear from alumni and industry professionals in panels and forums. Students would also be participating in a competition where they would have to pitch a project idea to one of the sponsoring companies and be evaluated by judges.


Harvard Social Enterprise

Presented by students at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, industry leaders, practitioners and students would be brought together to engage in the topic of social enterprise. The event consists of speakers, panels, keynotes and a pitch competition for students.



CoMIS is a multi-day case competition for students who are interested in the field of information technology. Networking opportunities and speaker events are also offered at this event as well.



Enactus Nationals

Enactus Nationals is a multi-day event that consists of industry professionals presenting on forums and panels, and there would also be a case competition for students to participate in. A career fair and networking opportunities are also offered at this event.


To Be Scheduled

University of Waterloo Accounting Conference

The UWAC offers students the opportunity to participate in real-life case challenges and workshops, engage and hear from relevant speakers, learn about the current industry issues, and build connections with peers and industry professionals.

Early 2022

USC Value Investing Group Stock Pitch Competition

The Undergraduate Stock Pitch Conference consists of a competition where teams from around the world would have the opportunity to build an investment thesis, present it to investment professionals, and compete against other top undergraduates in investment analysis.

Spring 2022

Undergraduate Real Estate Case Competition

The URECC is an event specially designed for students who are interested in the real estate industry that spans for more than a month. Students would participate in the event in teams, and they would be assigned a case to analyze, solve and pitch.

Late 2021 or Early 2022

HRC West

HRC West is a case competition where teams of students would be placed in a competitive environment where they would be tested with real-life simulations. They also provide students with the opporuntity to meet and network with HR industry leaders, and also access to a platform where networking and exchange of ideas can be done with HR students across Western Canada.


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